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ThunderSoft Video Editor Pro 13.0.0 Full Key [Free Download]

 ThunderSoft Video Editor Pro 13.0.0 Full Key [Free Download] ThunderSoft Video Editor Pro 13 is an easy-to-use video editing software for windows. Help you break down, merge, cut and more without spending hundreds of hours mastering a professional video editing tool. It offers many useful functions, applying style video effects and filters, adding music, titles, changing the style, speed or mood of the video. Features of ThunderSoft Video Editor Pro 13 Manage sources, easily add video scenes, music files, photos to your project. Edit a powerful timeline, easily breaking down the main video on the timeline. Drag, drop, zoom/zoom supported. Supports multiple tracks, allowing for the addition of new text/audio/effects/PIP tracks. Allow undoing, reworking each step of your edit. Save and open your project files at a fast pace. It’s easy to preview the final effect in time. Easy to add text, multiple text effects ready to use. Allows to add and edit subtitles. Integrate hundreds of transit